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Mula Raita
ମୂଳା ରାଇତା

Mula Raita

About the Recipe

This age-old dish is traditionally offered to the deities in the Jagganath temple of Puri during the holy month of Kartik. This recipe is a little different from the one known as "mooli raita" in other neighboring states.


250 gms radish (mula)
400 ml curd (dahi)
100 gms pomegranate seeds (dalimba manji)
10-15 black grapes (angura)
1 orange (kamala)
black salt 1 pinch (saindhaba luna)
4 Teaspoons sugar (chini)
1-2 green chillies (kancha lanka)
1 apple (seu)
salt to taste (luna)
coriander leaves (dhania patra)
shredded cocunut (kata nadia)


First of all grate the radish in a container. Add curd to the same and set it aside. Then cut the black grapes into halves (use seedless ones, if possible), chop the green chillies finely and unskin and cut the apple and orange into small pieces. Now add all the ingredients (except the pomegranate seeds, coriander leaves and shredded coconut, which are to be used for garnishing) to the mixture of radish and curd. Mix well. (You may substitute sugar with honey, if you so wish.) Lastly garnish with the three ingredients as stated above. Your mula raita is ready. Tastes great with vegetarian food.

Contributed by

Basanta Manjari Das

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