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Chingudi Chadchadi
ଚିଙ୍ଗୁଡ଼ି ଚଡ଼ଚଡ଼ି

Chingudi Chadchadi

About the Recipe

With the famous Chilka lake and a good number of river based water resources in Odisha, prawn is a commonly available favorite for the lovers of non-vegetarian food.Here is a recipe for preparing crispy ''chadchadi' out of the prawn.


250 gm tiny prawns with shell (chhota chingudi)
3 teaspoon mustard paste (sorisha, rasuna, lanka bata)
(prepare by grinding mustard, garlic and red chilly)
3 green chillies (kancha lanka)
½ teaspoon turmeric powder (haladi gunda)
2 tablespoon mustard oil (sorisha tela)
Salt to taste (luna)


Clean the tiny prawns but do not remove the shells. Take the prawns in a kadhai or frying pan. Add the mustard paste to it. Also the turmeric powder, green chillies and salt. Then add the mustard oil along with 1/3 cup of water. Mix well. Put the frying pan on medium flame. Stir frequenty. Cook until it all becomes dry. Serve with hot rice.

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Jyotsna Mohanty

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