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This website on Odia Recipes is enriched with a history of nurturing the cultural traditions of Odisha. We initially launched our website in the year 2005 under the name Oriya Nari from the city of Lucknow in India and continued to publish it till the year 2014 highlighting many aspects of the life and culture of Odisha, concerned particularly with the Odia women. It contained various sections such as Odia foods, Counselling, Book Reviews, the achievers among the Odia women and social issues related to the women's community of Odisha.

Due to unavoidable reasons, however, the website was discontinued in 2014. Consequently we felt uneasy that the great compilation of Odia recipes published on the site which was created over years of efforts and contributions by several of our well wishers across the world, was lost from the web. We then thought it our duty to revive at least the "Odia Foods" section of the erstwhile website Oriya Nari by launching a new website under the name Odia Recipes.

We have been constantly updating and adding newer content on our website, in order to make it more useful to the lovers of Odia cuisine. The new features that have been added recently include, the video of selected recipes and also an App for Android which may be downloaded from the Google Playstore.

We solicit the cooperation and support of one and all in making this website an effective platform for promoting the food traditions of Odisha. Please strengthen this forum further by sending your valuable feedback and also by contributing new recipes of the Odia foods which remain to be covered.


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