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.Dalma is synonymous with Odia cuisine. Even some restaurants which specialize in serving Odia food are named just 'Dalma'. It is a wholesome dish which combines the goodness of green vegetable with the nutritional value of the pulses (dal). It also spares a busy homemaker the trouble of preparing two or more dishes separately out of dal and vegetables. Dalma finds an upper hand on three counts: 1. Easy to cook 2. Time saver and 3. Health friendly. In the tastes front also it's great.


100gm pigeon pea /arhar dal (harada dali)
50gm raw papaya (kancha amrutabhanda)
50gm striped pear gourd / parwal (potala)
50gm potato (alu)
1 big onion (piaja)
3-5 dry chili (sukhila lanka)
½ teaspoon mustard (sorisha)
1 teaspoon cumin seeds (jeera)
2 bay leaves (teja patra)
½ teaspoon turmeric powder (haladi gunda)
3-teaspoon of any refined cooking oil (refain tela)
½ teaspoon cumin seeds powder (jeera gunda)
½ tea spoon chili powder (lanka gunda)
salt to taste (luna)


Wash the vegetables thoroughly. Cut them into small pieces. Put the vegetables, arhar dal, salt, ½ teaspoon turmeric powder and 3 to 4 cups of water in a Pressure Cooker and boil on medium flame. After one whistle switch off the gas. A little later as the pressure of the cooker is released, open the lid. Now heat 3 teaspoon of oil in a frying pan. Add jeera, mustard, bay leaves, chopped onions and 3-4 dry chilies. Fry till they turn golden brown. Now add all this to the boiled dal and vegetables of the pressure cooker and stir well. Add jeera powder and chili powder. Close the lid and heat further for 2 minutes. Your dalma is ready. Tastes best when served hot. May be served with rice or chapati also.


What's mentioned above is a simple recipe of Dalma. You may further make variations of the same by adding / replacing the vegetables with pumpkin, brinjal, plantain, and yam etc. A little scrubbed coconut may also be added. Using desi ghee (gua gheea) instead of refined oil lends subtle flavour to dalma. If you feel that the arhar dal is not getting boiled properly it may be soaked in water for about 30 minutes before putting the same in pressure cooker. Also find another variety of dalma elsewhere on this website, where moong dal is used instead of arhar dal.

You may also see a video of the recipe at the following link.

Contributed by

Sujata Satpathy

Video of the Recipe

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PREM SINHA - "We fry muga dali with deshi ghee first.Put it in cooker with all vegetables and a little turmeric, sugar and salt. After boiling add crushed fried cumin dhania and dry chili for ctaste. It tastes great with rice and Borichura with it."

Odia Recipes - "Thank you Mr. Sinha for sharing this. You will find another recipe named 'Muga Dalma' on this site, where 'muga dali' is used for preparing Dalma. The only addition you have made is Badi Chura. Yes, it tastes great, if it's added to Dalma. "

Anima Sahoo - "I once tasted dalma in Puri badadanda. They served roti & chhena also. So yummy, can't forget."

Kamal Sahoo - "Thank x for the initiative ma'm. Can u provide the videos of main dishes like Dalma etc. People may understand better when they see the videos. All the best..."

Odia Recipes Team - "We have now added a video of the recipe of Dalma. You may see its link on this page. It is also available on our Youtube channel."

Sekhar Das - "Nice"

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