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Muga Dalma
ମୁଗ ଡାଲମା

Muga Dalma

About the Recipe

Muga Dalma is a variant of Dalma - the popular Odia dish which uses green vegetables and pulses to create a wholesome cuisine. The only difference here is that we use 'mung dal' (muga dali) instead of 'arhar dal' (harada dali). How could one forget the nice aroma and taste of this kind of Dalma, also known as 'Habisha Dali' which is made in the in the traditional Odia homes in the month of Kartik? It's used especially by women performing 'Habisha Brata' during the holy month.


1/2 cup moong dal (muga dali)
1 tablespoon cumin seeds (jeera)
1 inch ginger - crushed (ada)
1 tablespoon ghee (desi gheea)
2 tea spoon cumin powder (jeera gunda)
chili power to taste (lanka gunda)
2 red chillies (sukhila lanka)
salt to taste
1 & 1/2 cups of cut vegetables such as:
pumpkin (kakharu)
yam (desi alu)
papaya (kancha amrutabhanda)
plantain (kancha kadali)
arum (saru)
radish (moola)


First of all dry-fry the moong dal in a kadai/ pan for about 2 or 3 minutes, not more than that, and then keep it aside. Cut the vegetables into medium sized pieces and also crush the ginger. Now we would boil the fried mung dal and vegetables and the crushed ginger in a pressure cooker for about 15 minutes. Salt to taste should also be added. After the vegetables and mung dal get boiled, take out the pressure cooker. Then we proceed to make the "phutan" or "tadka". For this we would heat desi ghee on a pan. Add cumin seeds (jeera) and the red chillies. Stir and let it splutter. Now add the boiled vegetables with mung dal into the pan, and stir further. Also add jeera powder and chili powder and let it further boil in the pan a little. Now your 'Muga Dalma' is ready. Serve it with steaming hot rice.

Also see a video of the recipe at the following link.

Contributed by

Geetanjalee Mohanty

Video of the Recipe

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Sujata Panda - "Video hele au bhala huanta."

Odia Recipes - "Now the video of the "Muga Dalma" recipe is available on this page."

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