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About the Recipe

Modak is prepared in Odisha in a typical way in which boiled dough consisting of wheat flour is used for the outer covering. On the occasion of Ganesh Puja and Dasahara festivals this traditional delicacy is made in most of the Odia homes.


500 gm
wheat flour (atta)
3cups milk (khira)
2 cups finely grated coconut (nadia kora)
250 gm powdered sugar (chini)
7 finely chopped cardamoms (aleicha)
1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder (golmaricha)
2 powdered cloves (labanga)
250 gm desi ghee (gua gheea)


STUFFING: In a pre-heated frying pan take finely grate coconut. Fry till it turns brown. Then add powdered sugar. Add chopped cardamom, powdered black pepper, and clove to it and fry for one minute.

PREPARATION OF DOUGH: Heat milk and add 125 gm. sugar to it. Prepare thick dough by gradually adding the wheat flour to it. It is important to go on stiring as you slowly add the wheat flour. You should get a thick dough. Put the dough on a tray and knead well.

Now make 15 to 20 balls of the dogh by rolling them in the palms. Then flatten each ball one by one and put the previously prepared stuffing into it. Close the flattened balls and give them a round shape. Finally take desi ghee in a pan and fry the rounded balls till they turn brown. Your Modakas are now ready to be served. This is a special delicacy offered to Lord Ganesh on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in Odisha.

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Manorama Rath

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