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If you have ever gone to Puri in Odisha, you might have come across this deep fried sweet delicacy made of layered dough, using wheat flour and sugar. It is sold as a 'sukhila bhoga' in the Ananda Bazar inside the Jagannath temple, and is also available outside the temple in the make-shift shops. You may try making it, at your home also.


2 cups refined flour (maida)
A little more than ½ cup of pure ghee (gua gheea)
One & a half cup sugar (chini)
One & a half cup refined cooking oil for frying (rifaain tela)
(Pure ghee may also be used for frying)
Salt to taste (luna)


First of all make a paste of ghee and flour by mixing half a cup of ghee with equal quantity of flour. Keep this paste aside. Add a pinch of salt and three teaspoon of ghee to the remaining flour. Mix thoroughly well and then add water slowly as you go on kneading. You should get a stiff dough and not a watery one. Knead it further till the dough gets smoothened. Now roll the dough into a rectangular shape with the thicknes of a chpati (roti). Then spread the ghee+flour paste evenly over the rectangular surface. Now roll the rectangular dough from one side to give it a rope like shape. Then cut it into one inch size pieces. Roll each piece again to make about 5 inch long khaja. Now heat oil in a frying pan and deep fry the pieces of khaja on medium to low flame. After the frying is over, prepare a syrup of sugar with water. For this add sugar to boiling water and continuously go on stirring till you get a sticky syrup. Now dip the khajas into it (one at a time) and take out. Serve after the same becomes cold. It is prepared in the kitchen of the Jagannath Temple of Puri daily for being served as prasad.

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Sujata Satpathy

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