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Dahi Baigana

Dahi Baigana

About the Recipe

Dahi Baigan not only usually accompanies the Odia thali, in the dinner served in marriage parties or other occasions also more often it finds a place. This way of cooking the brinjal by using the curd, is a typical Odia phenomenon.


200gm fresh curd (dahi)
250gm brinjal (baigana)
250ml refined oil (rifaain tela)
4 green chilies (kancha lanka)
½ teaspoon mustard + cumin seeds (sorisha + jeera)
6-8 curry leaves (bhursunga patra)
salt to taste


Whip the curd well by adding salt . Cut the brinjals into thick pieces of length around 2”. Fry the cut brinjals in a frying pan. Then put them into the whipped curd . Heat two teaspoon of refined oil in another frying pan. Add mustard, cumin seeds and curry leaves. When the seeds start cracking add green chilies. Transfer the contents of the pan to the curd containing brinjals. Stir lightly. Keep the dish aside for 10 minutes and then serve with hot rice.
You may also see a video of the recipe at the following link.

Video of the Recipe

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