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Arisa Pitha
ଆରିସା ପିଠା

Arisa Pitha

About the Recipe

Arisa Pitha may be put under the category of traditional pancakes of Odisha. This tasty pancake is prepared especially on the occasion of Manabasa Lakshmi Puja in the month of Margashir. The dry and hardened Pitha, sweet is in taste, and is basically made of rice.


2 cups rice (chaula)
1 cup sugar (chini)
½ litre refined cooking oil (rifaain tela)
1 tablespoon sesame seeds/ til (rashi)


Soak the rice in water for about 3 hours. Wash it with water and then drain all the water. Keep the rice in room temperature to dry for about 10 minutes. Then grind it to make a powder of it by using a mixer/grinder. Heat ½ cup of water in a pan and add the sugar. As you go on stirring on medium flame, the boiling water forms a syrup. The syrup should be consistent. You may test whether the syrup is ready, by putting a drop of the syrup into a bowl of water. If the drop of syrup doesn't get dissolved in water and remains apart then your syrup is ready. Then slowly add rice powder to the syrup and stir continuously to form a batter. After the batter or dough is ready, keep it aside. Grease your palms with a little oil. Now take the batter in small portions and flatten the it with the help of your palms to give them the shape of a thick puri or kachori .You may add the sesame seeds ('til') to the dough at this stage. Then fry the thick puris (pithas) in oil till they become golden brown. Take them out and serve hot. The pitha also tastes great if served after cooling. After cooling it gets hardened and a hard pitha may be preserved in room temperature for about two weeks.

A feedback from a visitor says that she couldn't prepare this pitha in proper manner after following the steps. The solution lies in getting the right consistency ("paga") of the batter or dough that you get after adding sugar syrup to the rice powder. As you try again and again, experience would tell you how to reach the right consistency.

Also see a video of the recipe at the following link.

Contributed by

Sujata Satpathy

Video of the Recipe

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Sunita Priyadarsini - "Its the best of all Odia pithas."

Mamun - "Thank you for the recipe."

Gyana Ranjan Pal - "Buy Arisa Pitha Online https://fromodisha.com/product/arisa-pitha-from-odisha-snacks/"

Swati - "I have prepared the batter for arise pitha with rice and gur but during deep frying the pitha batter spreads in to granules and separates. Pls let me know the solution to this, if there is any option to correct this or any other use of this batter."

Odia Recipes Team - "We refer to the above query posted by Swati. You should take care to ensure that the consistency of the syrup is proper. Please note the following statement in our recipe:"You may test whether the syrup is ready, by putting a drop of the syrup into a bowl of water. If the drop of syrup doesn't get dissolved in water and remains apart then your syrup is ready."  Better still you should first try with the syrup with sugar, before experimenting with Jaggery, i.e, Gud. The perfection in making Arisa is achieved by repeating  'the trial and error' several times. So good luck next time!"

sam - "your article is informative but I see another article and here properly defined how to prepare arisa pitha - https://cookingweb.in/recipes-grilled-chicken-with-curried-couscous-spinach-and-mango/"

Deepak from Ritikart.com - "Thank you very much for the post.Very nicely mentioned the ingredients and the step by step process. You can order Arisa Pitha online on Ritikart. Ritikart brings you the best quality home made Arisa pitha. Here is the link -> ritikart.com/products/odisha-special-arisa-pitha Thank you."

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