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It is a typical Odia dessert which is a little similar to Kheer (Khiri). The basic difference is that it contains small marble-sized balls made of rice. It finds place as one of the offerings to Goddess Lakshmi on the occasion of Manabasa Gurubar Puja in the month of Margasir.


150 gm raw rice (arua chaula)
75 gm sugar (chini)
1 cup scrubbed coconut (nadia kora)
1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder (gol maricha gunda)
salt to taste (luna)


Soak the rice in water for about an hour. Separate the water from rice and leave the rice aside to dry a little. Then grind the rice to make a fine powder. Take about one-and-a-half cup water in a container and heat the same on flame. Add salt, black pepper powder and 1/2 cup of scrubbed coconut and stir well. Then slowly go on adding half of the available rice powder to the container while it's still on the flame and as you go on stirring continuously. At the end you should get a thick dough. Take the container out and kep aside to let it cool down to room temperature. Then using your palms, make small balls of this dough (of the size of marbles). Add a little water to the remaining rice-powder to get a semi-liquid form. Now take about 6 cups of water in another container and boil the same. Add sugar, salt and all the remaining scrubbed coconut to it and heat further. Now little by little pour this semi-liquid rice powder into the boiling syrup in the coitainer and continue stirring. Then add the marble sized balls and boil further for a little while. Now take the container out of the flame and your attakali is ready. Let it cool down before being served. This item is specially prepared on the occasion of Bakula Amabashya and Manabasa Gurubar in Orissa.

Contributed by

Sujata Satpathy

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Devi Prava Tripathi - "Excellent recipe"

G P Das - "About attakali i had a different idea . thanks"

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