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Manja Rai
ମଞ୍ଜା ରାଇ

Manja Rai

About the Recipe

Manja Rai is a typical dish of Odisha in which the inner stem of the plantain tree is used. The stem known locally as ‘Manja’ is a fibrous thing that’s good for health. In Odisha Manja is prepared and cooked in various ways. Here we take up the preparation of what is called ‘Manja Rai’ in Odia.


Stem of banana tree (Manja)
Potato (Alu)
Mustard seeds (Sorisha)
Cumin seeds (Jeera)
Garlic cloves (Rasuna)
Chili powder (Lanka Gunda)
Salt to taste (Luna)
Edible Oil (Tela)


Wash and clean a piece of the banana stem called as ‘Manja’ in Odia. What’s very important in this recipe is to carefully remove the fine threads from the stem. First of all we should cut the stem into round shaped slices. Put it into a water bowl. Then by using our fingers the fine threads should be pulled out. After that we have to chop the slices of the stem into finer pieces. Also put the chopped pieces immediately into water to prevent its blackening. Also peel the potato and chop it into fine pieces. Now we would make a paste of the mustard seeds, cumin seeds and the garlic cloves by using a mixer or grinder. Add some water to it for making the paste. Now to start the coking put a pan on the stove. Take a little oil. Let it heat up. Add about a teaspoon of mustard seeds. Let it flutter. Now first of all add the chopped potatoes and stir. Then also add the finned chopped banana stems, that is Manja. Sauté it well. Now add the paste of garlic, mustard seeds and cumin seeds that you made and stir further. Then add the chili powder and salt to taste and sauté well. Now add a little water to it. We would leave it for a while to let it get boiled and cooked well. Go on stirring a little in between. Now your Manja Rai is ready to be served.

You may also see a video of Manja Rai at the following link.

Contributed by

Sasmita Mishra

Video of the Recipe

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