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Maa Laxmi Food Stall

Address : Shri Jagannath Mandir, Tyagraj Nagar,
Near Thyagraj Sports Complex & Stadium
New Delhi – 110003

Contact : 011-24626966

Google Map : Click for Google Map

Date of Visit : 08-01-2017

Review : 'Maa Lakshmi Byanjan Kaksa' (ମା ଲକ୍ଷ୍ମୀ ବ୍ୟଞ୍ଜନ କକ୍ଷ) is the snacks outlet of the Shri Jagannth Mandir at Tyagraj Nagar, Delhi, showcasing the traditional snacks of Odisha, or what we call as 'Jalakhia' in Odia. It's heartening that besides presenting the spiritual soul of Odisha in the form of an exquisite Jagannath temple at the heart of the city, it also presents before the local people the essence of traditional Odia cuisine.

Earlier the temple authorities used to operate a food-stall in front of the temple for selling a variety of Odia snacks, such as 'chakuli', 'enduri', 'aloo chop', 'piaji', 'dahi bara', 'chhena poda', 'rasagolla', and 'kheera'. Now a mini restaurant has been carved out within the administrative building of the temple to serve all these typical varieties of Odia snacks. They are now under the process of expanding the restaurant further; and once it's done, besides the selected snacks now being served, lunch and dinner of the traditional kind would also be made available.

On our visit to the temple and its food section, we were pleased to taste some of the selected snacks, namely 'aloo chop', 'bara', 'rasagolla' and 'chhenapoda'. All the items had the authentic feel of the traditional Odia cuisine.

In case you are interested to have a opportunity to experience the holistic taste of the rice prasad of the Jagannath temple which includes Rice, Dalma, Saaga, Besara and Khiri, you may have it on payment of the prescribed amount. It is available twice a day, once in the noon, and then again in the evening.

The photograph of our visit :
Maa Laxmi Food Stall

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