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Let's include traditional Odia foods in the menu of all family and social functions.

Little Orissa

Address : 32, 18th Main, Off 100 Feet Road,
Indiranagar, Bangalore

Contact : +91 9740243144

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Date of Visit : 22-09-2018

Review : When we entered the Odisha Hotel in Delhi, we knew what to expect. Because we did already have the experience of a sumptuous dinner in their main set up at Bhubaneswar last year. We ordered a traditional vegetarian Thali, Of course we also requested for some slight modifications in their menu being served on their standard Thali. And this is what we had on the platter: Bhata (plain rice) Dalma, Badi Chura, Raita, Leutia Saaga Bhaja, Jahni Aalu Posta, Besara, Ghanta, Dahi Baigana, Alu Phula Kobi Tarkari, and to top it all the traditional Odia Khiri. We had chosen to be vegetarian that day. But it was understood that the non-vegetarial items serve as the main attraction of the restaurant. They serve Odisha Khasi Mansa Jhola, Chilika Chingudi Jhola, Chilika Kankada Jhola, Rohi Machha Besara and Mahurali Machha Bhaja, among others. Interestingly they don't use the mutton, prawn and crab from the local market of Delhi. Rather all these are carried all the way from Bhubaneswar by air in order to maintain authenticity and taste of true Odia food.

The photograph of our visit :
Little Orissa

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