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Let's include traditional Odia foods in the menu of all family and social functions.

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We are on a mission to promote and popularize the traditional foods of the Odisha state, which are gradually getting lost from the Odia homes due to the rapid globalization taking place all around. We cover the recipes of foods which are of the traditional kind. So if you are looking for the exotic, fusion or the experimental kind of recipes then this is not the place. We have a clear motto, which is to preserve and promote the food traditions of Odisha that have been in existence for quite a long period of time.

Attempts have been made by us to present the recipes in a simple manner, so that it could be followed by the first-timers to cook and prepare the foods with ease. Please click on the 'View Recipe' tab to go to the particular recipe you wish to see. You may also see the recipes category wise, such as: Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, Sweet Dishes, Pitha (traditional kind of pancakes) and Saaga (leafy vegetables). We have also added the video of selected dishes on this website, where you may find step by step demonstration of how to prepare the food items.

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